I’m sorry but “political” reasons?

20.01.12: Martin Rowson on union opposition to the health and social care bill

Andrew Lansley recently showed a prime example of how not win your case by describing the ever growing opposition to his NHS reforms as being motivated by “political” reasons.

I’m sorry but “political” reasons? The British Medical Association (BMA), Royal College of GPs, Royal College of Nurses, the Conservative dominated Commons Health Select Committee and Norman frigging Tebbit all oppose the reforms, which will open up the NHS to EU competition law, for “political” reasons? These are not organisations (with the exception of the latter obviously) that sit from the outside and attempt to vaguely analyse the inner workings of the NHS. No, these are organisations that deal with the inner workings of the NHS every single day. They know how it works. They know what will be detrimental. And they are the ones that will know that these reforms will fundamentally destroy the NHS.

Cameron said it himself, no top down reorganisations of the NHS. Now drop this bill!


One comment on “I’m sorry but “political” reasons?

  1. johndwm says:

    Good point! Keep up the onservations. Good posting material. There are few phenomena more torturous than dimwitted Tory ideaologues – the one thing that is much more torturous is the above in power. I suspect Gove will suceed where Lansley may be sacrificed. But the damage is already being done. Pity we couldnt come up with a plan of our own that really did beneath to above. The labour left has a lot to answer for for being so unimaginitive and leaving the right to come up with New Labour because they had no well- thought through alternative that caught the imagination. The NHS is a bureaucratic nightmare and quite definitely needs reformed including a lot of the consultants who dont like the way the Tories are doing it. But you are right about the contrsacting. any change that goes down this road will endanger the positive aspects of the NHS and ultimately starve public resources.

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