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Welcome To The University Of Birmingham Labour Students Website.

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We Have Events Every Monday at 6pm & We Have Campaign Sessions With MPs Every Sunday at 1pm.

Our Events Include:

  • National Labour Students Events: National Campaign Days & Meet The Shadow Cabinet Events
  • Socials – Bowling / Lazer Quest / All Party Football Matches / ‘Campaign & Curry’ Nights & ‘Campaign & Coffee’ Events ect.
  • Public Debates – Labour vs Tories Policy Debates
  • ‘Pizza & Policy’ Internal Discussions – This House Believes That A Labour Government Should Scrap Trident / This House Believes That The Labour Party Should Match Tory Spending Plans ect.
  • Campaign Days – Campaigns With MPs & Campaign Days With Labour Party Parliamentary Candidates
  • Networking Events – What Kind Of Jobs Are Available In Politics? / How To Get Experience In Politics With MPs & Civil Servants ect.
  • ‘Missing Millions’ Campaign – Encouraging Young People To Register To Vote & Engage In Politics
  • Guest Speakers – Shadow Cabinet Members / Ed Miliband / Ed Balls / Harriet Harman / Steve McCabe MP / Gisela Stuart MP / Tom Watson MP / David Miliband / Richard Angell / Jack Dromey MP

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If you would like to join us or be added to the email list please contact us using one of the methods below.

To get in touch by email: labour@guild.bham.ac.uk (this is now our only email address)

You can join our facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/UoBLabour/
Please like our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/BULSonline & follow us on our @bulsonline twitter account

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Margaret Thatcher dies


It was announced only a mere few minutes ago that the former Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, passed away due to a stroke this morning. She was Britain’s longest serving post-war PM and the only woman to ever hold the job.

I will be honest, on a political level, Thatcher symbolised and represented nearly everything I stand against. Her policies as PM have done more untold harm than of any PM since the war. But on a personal level, I do have great respect for her. The thought of a woman PM in the early 1970s was almost unthinkable, even to Thatcher herself at the time. Upon becoming leader she spent the next seven years fighting an uphill battle, effectively fighting those within her party who deemed little would become of her leadership and then Administration. No post-war Prime Minister has so radically shifted the discourse of British politics (with the exception of Attlee). Taken all together she commands at the very least, considerable respect for how radically she changed and shaped Britain for better or worse. I do admire most principled individuals and Thatcher is no exception.

This is how I will remember Thatcher, a skilled, principled and determined supreme heavyweight figure of 20th Century politics, but a political opponent and adversary all the same.


BULS AGM 2013 results

Yes, it’s that time of year again where BULS has chosen it’s new committee to lead the society for the following year. The committee-elect stands as follows:

Chair-elect: Alex Swanson

Vice-Chair-elect: Ellis Stacey

Secretary-elect: Joe Armer

Treasurer-elect: Jas Kandola

Campus Campaigns co-ordinator-elect: Mike Grocott

Social Secretary-elect: Stephen Bowcott

Publicity Officer-elect: Rob Parkinson

Local Campaigns co-ordinator-elect: Tarquin Pritchard

Congratulations to the new committee-elect and comiserations to anyone who was unsuccessful.

‘Nasty Party’? I think we’re beyond that now…

Martin Rowson 5.01.2013

So how much of the Welfare budget do you reckon is spent on unemployed people? 42%? How much do you reckon is claimed fraudulently from the Welfare budget? 27%? Who do you reckon will be hit most by the 1% limit on benefits, the unemployed “scroungers”? And how much do you reckon is given to the skiving “scrounging” b*rstards on Job Seeker’s allowance (2 kids aged 6 and 10) a week? £147?

If you’d given answers close or on the same as the ones suggested, well, then, you’re completely full of sh*t.

This is what was revealed in a YouGov poll where respondents gave answers similar to the ones suggested. Want to know the real answers?

  1. Welfare budget spent on unemployed people? – 4% not 42%.
  2. Welfare budget claimed fraudulently? 0.7% not 27%
  3. Who will be hit most by the 1% limit on benefits? – Primarily the employed and those seeking work.
  4. And average weekly Job Seeker allowance? – £111.45 not £147.

(Don’t believe me, check the link above).

This is of course shadowed by the outright attempt by Conservative HQ’s attempts to divide the nation like never before by turning the working poor on the unemployed poor (most of whom are seeking work).

While instead, this is the poster they should have published.

I’m tired of this, I’m tired of the demonisation and scapegoating of the poor. But hey, why try solve society’s real problems when you can lie and create scapegoats out of the most vulnerable in society?